1. Is this only for kiddos?

Nope! We see "kiddos" of ALL ages! You're only as old as you think you are for us!


2. Can you see my child if I'm not in the DFW Metroplex?

Yep! We aim to please and believe where there is a will, there is a way.


3. What if my child has a long-term medical situation and I'd like to have you come on a regular basis. Is that possible?

Yes it is! We not only can do that, we'll give you a special price reduction based on how long each visit is scheduled for and how many visits you want to book.


4. Can you help me move my child to another room, etc.., while you are there.

No. Period. We do not do ANYTHING that is medically related or physically involves your child. We follow the same rules at your home about that topic as we do in hospitals.


5. Can the child have friends over during your visit?

Absolutely YES!! That will likely help them feel even better. That is 100% YOUR decision.


6. If my child is interested, and physically able to participate, can you teach them how to do ballon animals, magic tricks, etc.?

Yes!! That's a great thing to do. We need to know before we get there so we have the materials with us and that we've included that in the price of the visit.


7. If my question is not listed here, may I call you?

YEP!!!! 214-578-1601  Call or text. Or email me at topper@topper.us




Please watch our video to better understand our passion for helping kiddos.



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